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Randy Dyck Iron Oak-president-calgary- it support-project consultant

Randy Dyck


Randy developed his interest in computers while his dad completed a masters program at the U of C. There were numerous weekends where Randy enjoyed time in the university's computer lab. Years later, Randy had the opportunity to be the “go-to guy” for all computer issues many local businesses had. He went on to take an IT consultant role at Collins Barrow in Calgary, where he found that he enjoyed working on a number of their client’s computer systems and also learned much about the business considerations that one must have for each industry type. Randy left Collins Barrow after three years to pursue his entrepreneurial dream and applied his business and technology experience to manage a select group of clients. In 2005 Randy launched IronOak IT and managed to expand it by developing a team of techs that continued to serve a growing list of clients.

Bonnie Dyck Iron Oak IT Business Developer

Bonnie Dyck

Business Development

Bonnie left a social work background to raise two kids and be involved in their activities. Her part-time business involvement provided a taste of the entrepreneurial world and required her to develop great organizational skills that would prove useful in all of her areas of interest. As the President of the Stampede City Gymnastic Club, Bonnie learned to develop policies, procedures and systems that helped the club grow while support a vibrant competitive program.
Other examples of volunteer work that Bonnie has performed are: Team Manager for a trip to Germany and Volunteer Coordinator for the Western Canadian Gymnastic Championships. All this involvement helped Bonnie develop valuable skills in event planning that she continues to apply in the IT business to this day. Bonnie joined the IronOak team in 2007 and has been an important part of it ever since. Her experience with management systems is used to support non-profits as well as businesses since IronOak IT wants to be - “Your Partner in Productivity”.

Justin Iron Oak Client care representative

Justin Mojelski

Project Specialist
Team Lead

Justin has been working on computers ever since he could walk. Starting out with Norton Commander at a young age and growing from there. Growing up in a small town meant that he had to be self-sufficient when it came to fixing computers as no tech support was available then. This, combined with his curiosity for how everything works lead him to computer programming and then to the Information Technology field. He has completed a computer systems course at S.A.I.T. and joined IronOak IT after graduation. He has been part of the team since 2010 and continues to do what he loves, which is solving problems.

Katia Ronnoco

Office Manager

Katia trained in secretarial/bookkeeping at a private school. Her first office job was as a bookkeeper in a cheese factory. Later Katia worked as a private secretary for a finance manager at a wholesale electrical company. She then took a break to raise and home school her two daughters for a few years.
When Katia moved to Calgary eight years ago, she upgraded her office skills at Mount Royal. On her last day in class, she took a job with the Canadian Cancer Society where she worked with the general public as well as internal staff and board members for a total of five years. As an avid people-watcher, her passion is to find ways to help others understand their value and fulfill their life purpose.
Katia now works as part of the Client Care team and thrives on helping others succeed. She refers to part of her job as being an air-traffic controller; except, in this case, it is techs on the fly.

Julie Pearson - IronOakIT

Julie Pearson

Client Care Coordinator

Julie’s administrative experience primarily resides in music education. She has successfully owned and operated her own vocal coaching business for the past 6 years, where she dons both teaching and administrative hats.  Julie is also experienced in church music administration and leadership, having served as Music Director at Cochrane Alliance Church.  She is pleased to bring her organizational and administrative skills to the IronOak team and enjoys talking with our clients on the phone and assisting to meet their needs.  She is grateful for technology and even more grateful to have our skilled techs close by!

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Mario Solorzano

Technical Specialist

Mario began his journey into the computer world at age 8 when he received his first Windows 3.1 computer. Since then, Mario’s interest in computers has only grown - driving him to work on Windows, Mac and Linux systems as well as to teach himself how to program in languages that span from computer vision and robotics to mobile app development. His IT experience comes thanks to 5 years in the Call Center business where he was in charge of deploying and maintaining numerous mission-critical servers and workstations that are essential for any business operation that runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Cameron - IronOak IT

Cameron Ross

Technical Specialist

Cameron has carried a passion for computers all the way from Scotland. Over his 15 years in Canada, he had grown and developed his passion into a formidable skill set to face any IT problem head on. Working with non-profits such as the SHARP Foundation and the Canadian Red Cross, he has tackled problems big and small. Cameron is always prepared to handle whatever comes his way. As a recent addition to the IronOak IT team, he is eager to prove that he can show the excellent customer service and expertise that IronOak IT is known for.

Rick Aston - IronOak IT

Rick Aston

Technical Specialist

Rick has been working in I.T. support roles since the 1980’s. He has always enjoyed learning and working with new technology. Rick has worked for large and small I.T. companies as well as supporting and managing the I.T. operations for various non-profit organizations. He attended Humber College of Applied Arts and Technology to study electronics, and upon graduation was hired into the I.T. industry. Filling roles that included working as a field rep, a component level repair tech, tech support specialist and various management positions has allowed Rick to watch the evolution of information technology and its application over many years. He appreciates the important role I.T. plays in today’s business environment, and enjoys helping people to successfully use the tools that will empower them to achieve their personal and business goals.

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