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Randy Dyck Iron Oak-president-calgary- it support-project consultant

Randy Dyck


Randy developed his interest in computers while his dad completed a Masters Program at the U of C. Many a Saturday, Randy enjoyed time in the computer lab. Years later, Randy had the opportunity to be the “go to guy” for all computer issues at various purchasing jobs. He went on to take an IT consultant role at Collins Barrow in Calgary, where he found that he enjoyed working on a number of their client’s computer systems and where he learned much about the business considerations of each industry type. Randy left Collins Barrow after three years to pursue his entrepreneurial dream and applied his business and technology experience to manage a select group of clients. In 2005 Randy launched IronOak IT and expanded his company, by developing a team of techs that continued to serve a growing list of clients.

Bonnie Dyck Iron Oak IT Business Developer

Randy Dyck


Bonnie left a social work background to raise two kids and be involved in their activities. A part-time business provided a taste of the entrepreneurial world, and required organization skills that would be useful in all areas of interest. As the President of the Stampede City Gymnastic Club, Bonnie learned to develop policies, procedures and systems that helped the club grow and support a vibrant competitive program.
Other volunteer positions of Team Manager for a Germany Trip and Volunteer Co-ordinator for the Western Canadian Gymnastic Championships helped Bonnie develop skills in event planning that continue to be applied to the IT business. Bonnie joined the IronOak team in 2007 and continued to bring experience with systems, with a goal to support non-profit with service excellence – as “Your Partner in Productivity”.

Justin Iron Oak Client care representative

Justin Mojelski

Technical Specialist

Justin has been working on computer since he could walk. Starting out on Norton Commander at a young age and growing from there. Growing up in a small town meant that he had to be self sufficient when it came to fixing computers as no tech support was available. This combined with a curiosity of how everything works lead to programming and then to the Information Technology: Computer Systems course at S.A.I.T. After Graduation he joined IronOak IT in 2010 and continues to do what he loves which is solving problems.

Alex Rollic

Computer Technician

Alex has had a passion for technology ever since he purchased his first computer running Windows '98. As the Operating Systems advanced with technology, so did Alex's interest in learning more about each system. This interest developed into taking the Information Technology: Computer Systems Diploma at SAIT, as well as many other certifications to expand his knowledge. After graduating from the program, Alex had found a place to call home at IronOak IT, and continues to enjoy exploring new systems and assisting people in the ever-changing world of technology.

Katia Ronnoco

Administrative Assistant

Katia trained in secretarial/bookkeeping at a private school. Her first office job was as a bookkeeper in a cheese factory. Later Katia worked as a private secretary for a finance manager of a wholesale electrical company. Then she took a break to raise and home school her two daughters for a few years.
When Katia moved to Calgary eight years ago – she upgraded her office skills at Mount Royal.
On her last day of class, she accepted a job with the Canadian Cancer Society where she worked for five years with all levels of the general public; as well as internal staff and board members.
An avid people watcher – her passion is to find ways to help others in knowing their value and fulfilling their purpose.
Katia now works as part of the Client Care team and thrives on helping others succeed. She refers to part of her job as being an air-traffic controller; except in this case - it is techs on the fly.

Michaela Mahar

Client Care Coordinator

Michaela is the Client Care Co-ordinator at IronOak IT. She is a very kind and patient person -that shows in her attitude when providing quality service to clients. As a mother of two young children, Michaela is able to keep up with a high pace work environment while managing many different tasks. She completed the Non-Destructive Testing foundations program at SAIT and joined the IronOak IT team shortly after; in the summer of 2016. In her spare time Michaela is passionate about creating things, helping others, and spending time with her family and friends.

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