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We know a few things about Legal offices, and how important privacy is.
We will keep your case files and client information safe yet right at your fingertips.
All your communications need to be reliable, from phone calls to email to web enabled meetings.
And you expect capable support that is available when you need it.

If your needs are more distributed, talk to us about desktop virtualization.
Imagine 2, 3 or 50 users on one central computer, remotely accessing documents and applications that never leave your office. Now that's secure, and flexible!

All of these things are possible without a budget the size of a small municipality.
Call us today to talk about your options.


Accountants are in the information business.
You need lot's of storage for shoeboxes full of scanned documents, while minimizing any risk to your data.
Multiple programs need to be available to staff both inside and outside the office,
keeping both productivity and security high at all times.

You could be surprised to learn how small a server can accomodate all of these aspects in one box.
Backup and replication offsite to our secure datacentre means your data, and even your programs,
can be available even if your office is not.

Call us today to learn about how a private cloud, baesd right in your office, can accomplish these goals.



Our passion is to give back into the community, so we have partnered with a number of non-profits in the local area to support their IT infrastructure. We service their organization with the same business level IT services, but for a reduced price.
IronOak is committed to increasing the number of non-profits we support, and as we grow, we look at new and innovative ways to offer more to those organizations that already do much to support at risk groups.

Call us today to talk about your options and discounted rates.

We serve Manufacturing, Glass, Medical and many more other industries...

Our Partners want to say

We had a customer that needed documents off of an old dead computer so he could get a mortgage. Iron Oak was able to find his data and save the day! How Awesome!
Mortgage Alliance_logo-testimonial-Calgary
Mark Herman,
Mortgage Alliance
Bonnie and Randy are excellent and continue to do great work. In terms of suggestion…keep doing what you ‘re doing.
Everybody benefits-log- EBI-group
Kevin Haughton
EBI Group Benefits

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