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Legal Industry

It may not be obvious to people on the outside but the legal industry is one in which having the right systems in place is of paramount importance. Case files, contracts and other legal documents that our society depends on must be safely backed up and archived in ways that make them not only easily accessible but also available throughout long periods of time. Communication with clients must be secure and reliable due to the nature of the subjects at hand and because at any given time people's livelihood can be on the line. Failure is simply not an option. Modern legal firms need an IT team that is aware of these important aspects and is ready to provide the right technology for the right job while following the industry's strictest standards that enable both your clients and yourself to have peace of mind.

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Accounting Industry

Accounting is one of those industries where information is everything. You need incredible amounts of storage that is both secure and easily accessible in order to allow daily operations to run smoothly and you need this information to be accessible not only from within the office premises but from remote locations where some employees may be located. Sounds like the perfect job for a server, one that allows your employees to collaborate and exchange information seamlessly and without hassle while at the same being safely located offsite in a data center where it can be protected from all sort of threats, including natural disasters. 

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Non-profit sector

Few things feel better than giving back to your community. It is for this reason that a great part of our efforts go into assisting a number of non-profit organizations in our local area. We are proud to be able to serve many of them already and it only makes us happier to see this number grow larger year after year. Our passion and dedication drive us to come up with new and innovative ways to assist the groups that already do so much to improve the world.

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What our customers say:

We had a customer that needed documents off of an old dead computer so he could get a mortgage. IronOak was able to find his data and save the day! How Awesome!
Mortgage Alliance_logo-testimonial-Calgary
Mark Herman,
Mortgage Alliance
Bonnie and Randy are excellent and continue to do great work. In terms of suggestion…keep doing what you ‘re doing.
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Kevin Haughton
EBI Group Benefits