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Small Business Server

What can a small business server do for your business?
A server is capable of increasing productivity by acting as a central location for all company data. It also protects your business by preventing data loss. It reduces costs by enabling you to share printers, internet access, faxes and more. Stay connected to your customers and serve them better. Keep your business up and running with a reliable network.


Cloud Computing and Virtualization

The journey towards your cloud begins with IronOak IT.
Virtualization is the essential catalyst for cloud computing. Together in partnership with the virtualization leader VMware, we build a solid foundation through platforms and solutions that power your private or hybrid cloud infrastructure, build and run robust cloud applications and supply end-user computing as a cloud-based service. The result is not just any cloud, but your cloud – where accelerated IT delivers accelerated results for your business.


Office 365 and Hosted Email Exchange

IronOak IT helps its clients implement the small business tools that work best for their organization as their "Partner In Productivity"!
More than 40,000 businesses in over 100 countries trust SherWeb for their cloud services. Let us provide you with hosted Exchange accounts, hosted virtual servers and Office 365 hosted in Canada.
I'm ready to upgrade to Office 365!

VOIP Advanced Phone System

Everything you need to let your business go big, control costs and stay connected  is right here. Each FortiVoice system includes an amazing range of sophisticated but user-friendly features that give you complete call control. Want to hold, transfer or conference a call? You can do all that and more. Need to get voicemail, auto-attendants, hold music and ring groups? Count on it. Additionally, you also get advanced features like voicemail to e-mail, multi-lingual prompts, remote extensions and much more. See the complete list of features.

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VOIP Phone Lines

Babytel is a Canadian VOIP line provider, whom we have partnered with for almost 10 years. Their consistent top notch service and fair prices have helped Babytel stay competitive in the market. When IronOak IT sets up a new VOIP phone system for our clients, Babytel is our vendor of choice for VOIP phone lines. With IronOak IT phone system setup, we can assist with deployment of additional phone numbers or changes to your phone system, which are often implemented by a quick log into your phone system.

Printers and Scanners

Laser printing for small business is now very affordable. We understand your business needs help increasing employee productivity and we are here to help. Get professional assistance when deciding which printers and scanners are a good fit plus rest assured knowing you can rely on us to manage everything for you as well.

Is your business ready for a server? Download and read this free guide explaining all the benefits a server can bring you.
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