Data Backup

Know Your Business Data Is Safe and Recoverable

When it comes to backing up your data, not having a plan is planning for disaster.

How IronOak IT Offsite Backup Works To Secure Your Business Data:

IronOak IT OBS (Offsite Backup Server) runs scheduled backups on any computer. The data is safely transferred via an encrypted internet tunnel to IronOak's Offsite Back-Up Server. A computer equipped with IronOak's OCB (One Click Backup), runs independent from the rest of your network, so any data created while traveling is secured.

The IronOak OBS (Offsite Backup Server) receives your backup data completely encrypted and proceeds to store it under your business account. Your data is only retrievable and accessible by you since you hold the encryption key (We are able to store your data but not read it without you).

The IronOak Replication Server is an additional layer of security that we provide. IronOak's backup clients run on Windows, Mac, Linux, Netware, AIX, HP-UX and other systems. IronOak OBS is backs up every day to a server that is located in a different physical location. This ensures your data is recoverable even in the unlikely event that the original OBS server becomes unavailable.

We can backup your files, disk images, Outlook .pst, Exchange servers, MS SQL, MySQL, Domino and more.

Checkout our current offsite backup pricing plans in the PDF's below. Get an even better deal when you combine a backup plan with other services in an SLA package.


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