Remote Managed IT Services

Remote Managed Services

Let us handle your IT systems.

From desktop computers to a network of servers, IronOak IT managed services take the confusion out of your systems. Your computers are constantly and silently protected. IronOak IT remote managed services bring you a complete solution to managing your entire IT infrastructure whether you own one PC or hundreds of business servers. Enjoy the benefits of keeping your employees productive and working. The vast majority of problems are kept from becoming "showstoppers", guaranteed. You'll spend less time and money on computer support with the advantages that automated maintenance provides.

Ensure proper use of all your network resources and equipment. We are just a phone call away and in a matter of minutes your computer can be connected to our secure and remote management network. From then on all your computer systems will leverage our remote managed services. which means less worries to you. Give us a call and let us help your business grow. Want to know what exactly IronOak IT remote managed services include?

Featured Services include:

Asset Management

We keep you updated with a list of your entire hardware and software inventory. With IronOak IT Managed Services, this is an easy task. The IronOak Agent automatically scans all software and hardware on your network. Hardware changes and software upgrades are tracked so that you know exactly what has been added or removed from your network. This lets you know where you stand with software licensing and what future upgrades can or should be made. The Reporting component is used to update your asset management status.

Asset Management Features
  • Complete system inventory and custom configuration
  • Networks, servers, workstations and mobile systems
  • Location independent – LAN, WAN, remote systems behind firewalls or using NAT
  • All hardware: CPUs, PCI cards, memory and drives
  • All installed software: Licenses, version numbers, paths and descriptions
  • System information from DMI and SMBIOS including:
  • System make, model, serial number, motherboard type
  • Over 40 more custom configuration items
  • Operating System information, version number and service pack
  • Current network configuration settings including:
  • LAN, WAN, VPN and gateway IP addresses
  • DNS, WINS, DHCP, and MAC address
  • Local and network printers

Patch Management

Are you certain that your entire network is secure with the latest Microsoft updates and virus definitions from you anti-virus vendor? These tasks can easily become a full time job for an internal IT guy. Why not leave it to IronOak managed services and save yourself the time and money? Through our remote agent tool we are able to scan each system on your network and ensure that the latest patches, security updates and software updates are deployed. This process will silently work without interrupting your business operations. The result is a network on the cutting edge of security with continuous reliability. Our reporting module will also keep you in the loop of all the progress that your network makes.

Patch Management Features
  1. Easy and Fast Deployment
  • Get your systems up and running in minutes
  • No additional software to install
  • Does not require any patch management servers or additional software
  • Ensures that all systems are protected regardless of location
  1. Automatic and Recurring Patch Scans
  • Scheduled or ad-hoc Patch Management quickly determines which patches are required
  • Managed by computer, group or user-defined collections of computers
  • Scan an unlimited number of systems for installed and missing patches
  • Automate the tedious process of researching individual patches
  • Identifies patches that are already installed and the date when they were installed
  • Monitor and maintain patch compliance for all your IT systems
  1. Automated Patch Deployment
  • Scheduled by time, computer, group or user-defined collections of computers
  • Simultaneous deployment for all required patches quickly brings systems up-to-date
  • Support for complete Roll-Back from within the administrator console
  • Easily deploy patches across multiple operating systems
  • Support for all versions of Windows including 2003, 2000, NT, XP, 98 and 95
  • Configure single rollout strategy and apply to all clients
  1. Flexible Configuration
  • Patch file location: Microsoft Windows Update website, Virtual System Administrator network or local machine
  • Patch file parameters: IronOak IT Patch Management fully supports all switches and configurations
  • Flexible reboot actions and end-user notifications "rollback" individual updates on a specific machine or group of machines in case a problems occurs due to patch
  1. Managed Services Client Reports
  • Graphical Client Reports with Drill-Down Capability
  • On Demand or Scheduled Reports
  • Easily configure reports for Email delivery
  • Export reports to HTML, Excel or Word

Service Reports

Understand what is going on with your business technology infrastructure using our managed services reports. From a simple description to a deep and comprehensive report which is customized to your very own specifications. Our reports will adapt to you as we deliver them in your desired format (HTML, spreadsheets, or word document) and distribute them to key personnel in your organization using email.

Service Reports Benefits
  1. Complete Integrated Management Reports

  • Detailed list, table and graphic style reports
  • Customizable reports
  • Complete computer changes report
  • Disk utilization
  • License usage and compliance
  • Network monitoring usage and statistics
  • Server and workstation up-time history
  • Computer logs and status
  • Security patch and update status
  1. Schedule Reports for Automatic Distribution

  • Access to the system is not required to view reports
  • Flexible scheduling parameters for all reports
  • Distribute automatically to selected e-mail recipients
  • Easily view and change schedule at anytime
  1. Flexible Report Customization

  • Reports for all groups or specific computers
  • Detailed filtering and content selection
  • Immediate viewing with hyperlinks for quick data access
  • Save reports with selected parameters for reuse
  • Export report data to HTML, Microsoft Word or Excel

Remote Desktop Support

When a computer problem presents itself and you need it fixed, IronOak managed services is your answer. Give us a call or send us an email and we can remotely connect to affected computer to fix the issue. Your machine could be anywhere in the world and be protected by IronOak IT Remote support. Not only is remote support fast, but it also reduces the cost of support since there’s no need to travel to any specific location.

Remote Desktop Features
  1. Remote Access to Any Computer from Anywhere
  • Administrators can access host computers from any web browser
  • No additional infrastructure or IT resources are required
  1. Security
  • All connections flow through a 256-bit RC4 encrypted channel
  • At least once-per-day encryption key rolling
  1. Save Time, Increase Productivity and ROI
  • Remote control software included
  • Provide remote training and troubleshooting
  • Improve helpdesk response time
  • Reduce travel by technicians
  1. Easy and Fast Deployment
  • Up and running in minutes
  • Automatic and transparent installation of the remote control software
  • Easy administration of users and access policies
  1. Transfer Files between Local and Remote Computers
  • Access computers behind gateways (NAT) without port mapping
  • Simple Windows drag and drop interface
  1. Firewall Friendly with Maximum Security
  • Web-based screen-sharing technology works with existing firewalls
  • No inbound ports to change or open
  • No configuration of IP addresses
  • No extra hardware or software to deploy
  • Access computers behind gateways (NAT) without port mapping
  • Built-in protection against man-in-the-middle attacks
  1. Flexible Configuration and Control
  • Password protected
  • View only, user notification and video options
  • Configure on a per computer basis