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Network Management

IronOak managed services keeps all your computers running like new. With auto deployed disk defragmentation, and removal of restricted files and software your computer will perform at peak efficiency. Managed services increases security with simple to comprehensive policy enforcement by ensuring applications, files and network places are accessed only by those who are authorised to do so. With continuous monitoring of each device on your business network (server, workstation and laptop, routers, printers, etc.), the IronOak staff is alerted and will identify and resolve problems before they become serious.

  1. Build comprehensive trending reports for long-term management of client networks.

  • Machine Changes Report – Managed Services Providers can easily track changes on a per-machine basis by comparing the current audit information (hardware specs, disk space, installed software) against the baseline audit information. Highlight the differences between the audits or compare audit information between two different machines.
  • Network Statistics Report – Display the network bandwidth consumption by machine or individual application over a configurable time period.
  • Uptime History Report – Easily view machine uptime status over a configurable time period and determine if a machine is online, offline or has been shut down abnormally. Track server uptime, faulty workstations, or be notified when remote users come online.
  • Monitor Reports – these reports are particularly useful for trending since they allow you to see data collected by windows performance counters and SNMP objects over a configured time period.
  1. Schedule Reports for Automatic Distribution

  • Access to the system is not required to view reports
  • Flexible scheduling parameters for all reports
  • Distribute automatically to selected e-mail recipients
  • Easily view and change schedule at anytime
  1. Flexible Report Customization

  • Report for all, groups or specific computers
  • Detailed filtering and content selection
  • Immediate viewing with hyperlinks for quick data access
  • Save reports with selected parameters for reuse
  • Export report data to HTML, Microsoft Word or Excel

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