Project Consulting

A number of automation projects and upgrades to their Information Systems infrastructure can be of benefit to you, depending on the nature of your business and how you serve your clients. Some examples include the following:

IronOak IT consulting
  • Standardized Computer upgrades
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Document Management
  • Intrusion Detection / Prevention
  • Enhanced Email & Fax Systems
  • Telephone / VOIP System
  • Help Desk Infrastructure

Assessment, Deployment & Management

Our Managed Services platform allows us to audit and inventory your existing hardware and software quickly and automatically, giving you a clear picture of what needs to be upgraded and what doesn’t.

Once a plan is in place, software can be deployed to all computers without having to visit each one in person, even in remote locations, saving time and resources. 

Open Source vs Commercial Software: Many of these systems are available from well known software publishers, such as Microsoft, Oracle, SAP.

These systems can be the right fit for your business and will provide a very clear Return on Investment.

By focusing your investment on the planning and implementation, many small businesses can now afford systems that only the Fortune 1000 would implement 10 years ago.

It takes a team to run a business.