Phone Systems

Each one of our phone systems includes an amazing range of sophisticated, user-friendly features that give you complete call control. Hold, transfer and conference calls? Of course. Voicemail, auto attendants, music on hold, ring groups? Sure. But you also get advanced features like voicemail to e-mail, multi-lingual prompts, remote extensions and much more.
IronOak IT conference calls
IronOak IT amazing telephone system

Our phone systems work with traditional and VoIP networks, so you choose how you want to connect. You can take advantage of VoIP service provider offerings, connect multiple locations over the Internet or fully integrate teleworkers, all without sacrificing your connection to the traditional telephone network. If you don’t need VoIP yet, you don’t pay for it, and you always have the option of adding it later without sacrificing your investment, because any one of our phone systems can be upgraded to include VoIP.

Phone Freedom

Our phone systems are tailor-made for the modern business, and you get to choose between analog and IP. Go for the classic ease and simplicity of analog or the advanced features of IP phones. And, unlike most brands, our phone system doesn’t tie you down to proprietary telephones. 

External IP

Your work doesn’t stop at the office, and neither do our phone systems. Any telephone, anywhere, can become a remote extension. Your customers, employees, teleworkers and partners are always connected and a simple phone call away.

Easy to set up

Do it yourself or rely on a professional: Our installation is fast and easy, so you save time and money. Plus, it’s a snap to change settings, so you don’t pay a technician every time you add or move an employee or want to tweak your call handling.

Grow your own way

From 2 to 64 users per location, there’s a phone system to fit every business. Our phone units come in different sizes with hybrid connections, so you choose your own mix of networks (traditional and/or VoIP) and phones (analog and/or IP based).

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