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Discover your business needs

Discover your business needs with our Managed Services platform.Remote Managed services allows us to audit and inventory existing hardware and software quickly and automatically,giving you a clear picture of what needs to be upgraded and what doesn’t.

Implement The Best Technology

Once a plan is in place, software can be deployed to all computers without having to visit each one in person,even in remote locations, saving time and resources.

Options include Open Source vs Commercial Software and are available from well known software publishers, such as Microsoft, Oracle, SAP.

Provide Stability & reliability

We maintain the business IT systems as your "Partner in Productivity." When a business is growing or adding staff, it is a good time to review their technology and make sure that the proper security is put in place to protect the business. 

Unique features

100% Trustworthy

We provide 100% trusted IT support to our partners which we believe improves business productivity. Since we deal with sensitive client information, keeping a secure environment is necessary.

24/7 Responsive

We believe in a quick response time to all support requests. Clients with a Service Level Agreement also have access to after hours support.
Emergency Support call us on Phone: +1 (403) 274-9645
Toll Free: +1 (877)476-6625


We are focused in providing the best IT support to our clients. Changing technology encourages us to stay focused and be a leader in network management.

our Services

Remote Managed Services

IronOak IT managed services takes the confusion out of your technology systems.Your computers are constantly and silently protected. IronOak remote managed services are a complete solution to managing your entire IT infrastructure. From one PC to hundreds of computers, each business supported by IronOak IT through remote managed services benefits by keeping your employees productive and working...

Remote Desktop Support

When a computer problem happens and you need it fixed now, IronOak managed services is your answer. One call or email and we can “remotely” connect to the computer and fix the issue. You can be anywhere in the world with your laptop, and still have IronOak IT remote support at your fingertips through the power of the internet. Not only is remote support fast, it’s reduces the cost of support because there’s no travel...

Network Management

IronOak managed services keeps all your computers running like new. Managed services increases security with simple to comprehensive policy enforcement by ensuring applications, files and network places are accessed only by those who are authorised to do so. With continuous monitoring of each device on your business...

Data Backup

We can backup you files, disk images, Outlook .pst, Exchange servers, MS SQL, MySQL, Domino and more.
Take action today , and have your business backed up by tomorrow. Request a quote.

IT Project Consulting

We setup your Outlook / Exchange server, migrate email & setup on your Android and iPhone, install a new network, move services to the Cloud - including Office 365 and provide technology consulting!

Hardware and Software order

We personalize your IT support systems for your business through IT project consulting, including quotes for server, desktop, computer, laptop, router, monitor and printers...

our Products

Xerox Printers & Scanners

Laser printing with the lowest cost per print options for small business are now very affordable.

TalkSwitch VOIP

A full featured phone system for small to medium enterprise.

Small Business Server

Centralize and simplify your business computing with a sever made just for you.

vmware Cloud computing and Virtualization

The Journey to Your Cloud Starts Here. Virtualization is the essential catalyst for cloud computing.

Office 365 and Hosted Email Exchange

More than 40,000 businesses in over 100 countries trust SherWeb for their cloud services.

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Why need realtime It Support ?

When a company is unable to reach their technology partner in a timely manner, the IT costs are too high, or when communication with their IT provider is a challenge, then we know that IronOak IT can overcome these challenges and provide efficient, reliable service. Why? Because it's a pleasure to serve!

About US

Welcome to IronOakIT

We are a long time Calgary IT support company offering a wide variety of solutions for you and your business!

We understand why your critical business services are so important to your daily operations.This is why we spend time aligning our technology support to your initiatives! We save.....

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