IronOak IT fix slow pc

A slow PC is more than a test of patience. A business computer that is running slowly can dramatically hurt employee and overall business productivity which directly translates to a reduction in profits. A low-grade machine can seem cheaper when one is standing at the register but the true lifetime cost of such devices is what business owners should be actually looking at.

A recent Oxford Economics study where 3,000 businesses were surveyed, shows that employees waste upwards of 48 minutes a day just waiting for their computers to respond. That is a lot time looking at hourglasses and spinning wheels. This same study estimates that slow work computers account for a total of 7.5 billion dollars a year lost in the United States alone. Now imagine the unbelievable sum of money that businesses across the whole world waste for the same reason. This is the true cost of slow computers.

Employees that were interviewed regarding their experience with sub-performing systems reported email as the main cause for workday slowdowns. If this is what employees report, one can easily imagine the client or customer at the other end of the net waiting for an email response that is not coming as fast as it should.

Though it may not be completely obvious, the reality of the matter is that program and app delays add up and add up fast. Not only is this frustrating to the person using such programs but the delays that it causes truly make a difference in every businesses’ balance sheet.

Having an external IT firm that monitors your systems at all times to ensure that they are always in running order is a trend than modern businesses are starting to catch onto. A good IT support specialist can recommend good brands to purchase and even setup new equipment for you that you can trust will run fast and snappy for the next few years. External IT support teams are the cost-effective way to keep your servers and computers running as intended and your employees happy and productive.

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